CAB Presidentís Message

 The club membership participation in our archery club has been down. We are not having very many people come to our shoots.
The club has not been bringing in money that is needed to hold club functions such as our annual club camp out and our annual club banquet.
The monthly club meeting was held on Thursday May 15th.
Discussion was on whether we had enough money to do the camp out and banquet.
It was decided by board members at the meeting that the two functions not be held because of our low treasury amount of $2,200 and low membership participation.
There will be a new club activity calendar for the remaining year. There will be shoots scheduled for Sunday afternoons and other club shoot activities.
These changes are necessary to try and get club members to be able to participate more.
We will schedule a Club shoot for the weekend on the 7th, remember it is hot out so come early so we can finish early before it gets really hot.

Sonny Nieto